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Hang in there. Nothing we have tried seems to curb her exvessive running and now jumping, or her fixation on her bullying behavior. Give the cat positive attention with treats and toys (the cat fishing pole works great for playtime). I did the slow introduction, but she has been nervous around my four-year-old male cat and my one dog since day one and is always hissing at them. Answer: Cats need what seems like a LONG time for us to acclimate and decide how the tribe is going to work. As hard as it is to watch from the human perspective, from the cat's side they all have to work it out. The cat creating the conflict can be identified as the on… If you feel that you're not able to give the other cat as much affection as he or she wants, I suggest trying to make time spent with you super pleasant for both of them. I currently live with my parents who have my childhood cat Willow who is 17 years old. what should i do? You can also try giving them both a treat in each other's presence or a bit of canned food. At that stage my two neutered males were 10 & 5. L C David (author) from Florida on January 06, 2018: Ask your vet about a low dose Prozac. Thanks for sharing! It's taken about six weeks, but it is starting to get worked out. spread throughout the house. Cat bites and scratches require medical attention. It seems like mating behavior. Question: I have three cats that have been together since they were six weeks old. Cats are solitary by nature but have adapted to domestication. We’ve tried to separate the girl cat in a guest room a few times to give them some space but that doesn’t do more than damage the carpet on both sides of the door as all our cats desperately try to open the door. It will definitely evolve over time. I have two 2 year old cats they came from the same liter and they are both fixed. Put one in a crate and let the other one roam in the area. The males are recently fixed, the females are fixed too apart from one. Sometimes cat play looks an awful lot like fighting to humans (even the chasing an hiding). Two years ago my sis brought her four yo female cat home. He's such a cute cat and I think he had a really rough start in life so I don't wanna get rid of him. I can’t very well just put him back out on the streets and I do love him but I’m at my wits end. My kitty Tydus is a fresh two-year old male and is my pride and joy. Question: I have two cats (brother and sister), who have been getting on well for years. About 15 minutes out of his room and he’s hissing and picking another fight. More recently the kitten is really starting to bite the older cat. We have three cats. Since the kittens are so young, this may be a good thing as they can establish their roles in the household and know that she is the queen bee. The dog finally had enough of her and barked at her and she never bothered him after that. When you first bring the new cat home, keep him or her in a separate room away from the other pets in the house. I also have a big dogs that was bullied by a cat that since has passed away. Consider these alternative methods for preventing cat aggression: For your safety and the safety of your pets, never get physically involved while breaking up a fight. You may just be causing him more stress which he is then using on the other cats. I have slowly reintroduced them and they are generally peaceful during feeding times. We have tried to separate them in different areas but Tigger howls and Louie digs at the door like a maniac. This allows them to be safe and get more used to each other's smells. She used to just pee in the bathtub if her litter box was full. I have also noticed that cat's personalities change over time so even if they don't get along when they are younger, they sometimes mellow out when they are older (or vice versa). It sounds like they are reaching an understanding. I'm getting really tired of my kids being afraid of him, and I need to break him of this behaviour. 8 months she left with her cat.. Jump ahead to now and the roles reversed. When a new animal, most notably another cat, is introduced into a household, it turns this hierarchy upside down and creates chaos while everyone reestablishes their place. I'd find them sleeping beside each other and grooming each other. I actually wonder if the male cat needs something to calm him down. Now (yes I realize it hasn't been long) the cat walks up to our dog and attacks her. I don’t know what to do to get my parents cat to use her litter again and to stolid my cat from being a bully. My cat when he's let out will literally go seek the other cat out to fight him - he will immediately go to the neighbor's house and if the other cat is outside, my cat will pick a fight. Now all of these cats are grown but my little princess is very small. Allowing your pet to reproduce adds to the problem of pet overpopulation. It sounds like you will likely have a pretty good transition. Answer: He may not be feeling well. Do slow re-introductions while keeping them in different rooms most of the time. I know cow's milk is harmful, so I was wondering how much kitten milk he is allowed per day, if any? So it is likely instinctual. He’s the sweetest cat otherwise, it’s only Abi that he does this to. They’ve been best friends until this week when I moved to a new house. Know I know she is bullying the other cat in her litter, we tried taking the lid off but the other cat is now refusing to use her litter box. The sad thing is, I've not been able to keep up with their vet appointment for the last two years due to financial strains. Perhaps…scary. Download cat stalking stock photos. Please help. He has his own bedroom with food, water and litter box. Getting everyone fixed and having the kittens grow up or find new homes will likely help improve the situation. Oldest is an 8 yrs old female, next in line is a 3 year old female (very submissive, weak, doesn't stick up for herself) and finally we rescued a third kitty Nov. 2017 (8 1/2 months old male whom is a BIG kitty.....bone structure, tail etc). Question: 10 month old neutered Male Maine Coone, just adopted a 2-month-old female Norwegian Forest. My dog is terrified of tinkerbell and it's getting worse not better. Sometimes cats, at best, co-exist, but never really get along. The moment they are done eating, however, the male chases the female up the stairs and under the bed, where she'll usually stay hidden and/or drive him away from. Once the new cat is using her litter box and eating regularly while confined, let her have free time in the house while confining your other cat(s) to the new cat’s room. Again, ask yourself that important question: Have I provided enough food, litter boxes, territory, and love? She is not one to attack, if she doesn't like an animal, for example when I got princess as a kitten she hated her. We tried plug in cat calmer, calming drops to put on cats food and between the attacking cats eyes, but nothing seemed to have any real effect, even shutting her in solitary confinement. I have rescued and fostered many pets over the years. So, he's miserable but dealing with it. how can I stop her brother from terrorizing her and making her so scared of everything? Hi, I was wondering what to do when two cats who used to get along well (slept together, groomed each other, played a lot) no longer do. This cat saved its four-year-old owner from a dog attack. Almost like it was their fault. Monster was actually a feral kitten when we got him and he only seems to respond well to me when it comes to human interaction. Then he will eat from the bowl. So our timid girl now basically lives inside the sofa, or inside our mattress boxspring, the only place she feels safe. Young cats stalk. I've never actually heard her growl until now. ok so I'm now 28 yrs old. All this is fine and makes perfect sense. Is there any way to change this pecking order, or do I have to look in silence as my resident cat gives in to the younger cat being the alpha? Practice patience and employ the above-mentioned techniques. We also have a dog and both cats get along with her, they have never tried to attack her in anyway. L C David (author) from Florida on April 04, 2018: So it sounds like you need to concentrate on the stressed cat. 2. We also have a 7-month-old daughter. Outside, there is a male cat my boyfriend occasionally feeds. Now it’s everywhere it has increased ever since our one year old daughter has become mobile. He has a playful attitude but she's hisses, growls and even screams sometimes. Today my dog was just looking at her curiously trying to figure this out and the cat walks up to her hisses and attacks her stomach. L C David (author) from Florida on October 12, 2018: It's very rare for cats that live together to do major damage, even with claws. My stepdaughter is delightful is willing to work with me to work out any protocol that might work, other than the use of pharmaceuticals. This is okay. They are all females. Give her treats and pets and whatever she likes. She hisses and smacks at all of the other cats for seemingly no reason. And although we know that kind of stuff shouldn't be used we have no other ideas. Update : My older cat nina that we have had for 4 years wont stop attacking our cat lilly who we got last year in september because of this lilly wont go to the restroom even if she is a few feet away from it she will do it in a corner away from it, even if nina isnt around or locked up. I would suggest keeping them separate until the babies are older or in new homes. We've been telling him no and using a spray bottle, but he continues the same behavior shortly after. A confident cat will often go after a passive cat. Make sure she gets lots of attention from you. It's part of their curiosity and it's how they find out about things. Any suggestions would be a great help. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Answer: The kitten is still pretty young and is just learning how everything works. Let's say you've done a wonderful thing and adopted a second cat, you've taken the time to introduce them slowly, but your new cat continues to go after your current cat aggresively—staring contests, stalking, hissing, growling, scratching, swatting, and blocking. If he is at a good weight and not having stomach issues, I'd just give him some when he is trying to take yours and not worry about it. They are 11 yrs, 9 yrs, 9 yrs, and 4 yrs old. It sounds like the smaller, bullied cat may need to be crated when you are gone. The new guy will eat his food quickly, and then push the other cats out of their bowls to eat their food. Territorial behavior in cats usually involves urine marking (spraying), hissing, stalking, or attacking another cat. But I won't stand for this behaviour from him. He'll come out to eat and will go outside occasionally. Question: My older female cat won’t stop attacking my younger female cat. You can even take turns with who gets crated. If you think they are battling for attention then I'd suggest having a plan to engage both of them when you are together. Image of a cat stalking a mouse Hungry cat stalking pigeons on the street. Hello, i have 2 cats, mother and son, rescued from the street, i notice the son is very egoist, he pushes his mother, even thou there is 2 bowls with food 1 for each. She is not fixed yet but will be soon. Embed License Share. We weaned him off the prozac. This lets him know that you don't like it. Never try to pull them apart or you may get hurt, and never punish them for territorial behavior or they may become more aggressive. The key to having a harmonious, multiple-pet household is patience, love, and a little bit of training. Sometimes my older cat will sit and watch the kitten, and sometimes they will engage with the hissing and slapping, following each other around afterward. As soon as I let her out she ran into a room and went under the bed. He was semi-feral at the time. All cats were under 1 year old when we got them (female is the oldest by a couple months) and they have grown up together. We do not have cat litter and they all have their own plates. They had a vicious fight and would not go near each other for quite a while after. With that said, cats have a way of working out things, even if it takes years. Spraying m… Remember to offer one of each resource (cat tree, litter box, food bowl, etc.) I would separate them when they were fighting (put one in a higher spot, and move one to another room). Problem is he loves to bully the weak 3yr old female all the time where even interactive toys, water bottle spraying, firm tones of "no" have not worked. “The rule of thumb is one litter box per cat, plus one extra.”. Any advice is welcome. My cat wont stop stalking my other cat? Likely at best they will get to tolerate each other. Their offspring, if not captured and socialized within a given window, will become fearful of humans as well. I say fairly because I have one cat who is the typical Garfield with an attitude. We are trying to take things slow. The new cat (age 17) is a doll, amazing cat, wonderful with people...but she's a total bully with our other two. In this case, an aggressive dog meets a bully cat, and the result is wonderful. Some of the behaviors you are observing as abnormal may actually be quite normal. Removed risk of reproductive cancers—mammary, testicular, uterine. I encourage you to watch the Simon's Cat video (above), as many of the problems that occur when a new cat is introduced into the home are depicted. The fights are getting ugly, with the boys pining her down once they catch her and biting/scratching mouths/clawfuls of hair out of her before we can distract them. They were fine for about a day and then my cat started to hiss, attack, eat the kittens food and use her litter box. He hisses and chases her constantly. She is also very young. Answer: It sounds like everyone is stressed because of the incident. Cats are strange sometimes and their play patterns are strange too. My sister just adopted 2 cats from the shelter. In a home with at least one other cat, any new cat will have to establish its rank. He's as sweet as the day is long to me, but he's an asshole to my kids, and I won't stand for it. The Shepard was very territorial and could be mean. They constantly attack my smallest cat. So sorry you are going through this. Help?? I don't feel quite so crazy with my 5! Or is it just waiting until he gets out of his kitten stage? Ever since i got him groomed his sister wont go near him and when she does shes growls and hisses at him. They may still work it out. If the cat feels threatened, he may forgo the litter box and find a "safer" place to do bathroom business. I use pet sprays to remove the smell but I can’t get her to stop. He doesn't get along very well with my female cat and she usually avoids him. But after doing so, the male cats attack a female one and my another female cat is literally scared of them so much that she does not even eat and drink properly (not totally stopped yet). I recently just had to get the boy cat groomed and shaved because he had alot of matted fur and wouldnt let me cut it out or brush him. My older cat whos about 5 or 6 she trys to go to the bathroom but the kitten follows her and proceeds 2 try to bug her. Younger cats spend a lot of time and energy learning how to use their muscles and athletic skills. Your vet might also suggest a higher calorie food to help her gain weight. If they seem to enjoy being brushed then you can brush them as well. But then he beats up the other cats. Is there anything I can do to make them friends again? It’s very frustrating and I don’t know what to do. He waits for her at the doorway of the bedroom and bathroom (after she goes potty) and attacks her. Now today something bizzare and disgusting happend while i was visiting a friend. It only started a few months ago, but I can't stop it. Cats knock over things. Having toys that you can use to interact with both of them also might get them to relax more around each other. While this is definitely a good thing in the long run, they feel different after being fixed. I try to keep her separated from the others because she will occasionally attack them. The older one is extremely possessive of my person, and seriously intimidates the younger one by its presence. I have 2 males cats, brothers, now age 8 that have behavior issues that started about 2 years ago and have gotten worse. Question: We have two cats (three and two years old) that keep fighting. Unlike dogs who are sometimes able to work things out, the more cats fight, the worse the problem can become. Gradually increase that time. Supervised interaction is necessary to keep your kitten safe. Attempts at play are few as he has no idea how big he is. They share the same feeder and only have 2 litter boxes between them. Question: My older cat is losing weight rapidly because the younger cat is bullying her away from the food bowl. Both cats are neutered/spayed, different genders, and I've tried everything except the squirt bottle, which I have mixed feelings on. Cats live longer, healthier lives if they are indoors. They are all relatively young so they should integrate. BERLIN, N.H. — A cat missing three years wandered into a New Hampshire hospital Wednesday morning, leading to a reunion with her owner. Our resident cat does not seem interested in fighting or "fighting back" with our newbie. Question: I have a new cat who is afraid of my other two. Question: We have a cat that isn't even a year old, but very recently we got another kitten and our old cat won't stop hissing or growling at the new one. I don't know his past as he was abandoned but I suppose he was not socialized and basically is acting like this because he is territorial...from the window when he sees cats he jumps against the window showing same aggressive behavior. She didn't hiss, attack or swipe so I thought this could work, they could adjust. A rowdy kitten may pair greatly with an energetic dog, but not do well with a senior cat. What are your thoughts? L C David (author) from Florida on December 18, 2016: Are you sure it's not playing? They are really, really slow to acclimate. They intimidate her with their staring, hissing, and growling. I took in my grandmother's 12 year old female cat a month and a half ago. It may get upset and charge again. Feral colonies, for instance, may form around food sources. Can you recommend any other options? She would hiss at her and run away. Fear aggression may be exhibited in a combination of offensive and defensive responses. I'd love some suggestions! Question: My younger cat is a male, and he bullies my older female cat. Young three month old semi-feral male kitten stalking a bird on gravel We have plenty of litter boxes and all 3 eat at the same time in separate places. We cannot keep him indoors at all times because he was previously an outdoor cat and we have a senior dog that wants to eat him. But my mom and I actually get quite mad because the older cat just runs upstairs (or downstairs) to the other litterbox while the little one follows. Purina offers formulas designed for your cat's unique needs and products that fit within your lifestyle. We have two seperate feeding sites and litterboxes for both cats in seperate places of the house. They are both very sweet cats seperately, affectionate, social, and love attention. Any advice would be so appreciated. Now my older cat has passed away and she's bullying the other one. This is now the only place my cat feels truly safe. It may be several more months. Is there a bully cat in your neighborhood? If you help to ease the transition, you also reduce the need for either the established cat or the new cat to feel the need to bully. What can I do? We've kept Frankie in a separate room, and we try to switch them so Max is in 'his' room while Frankie roams, and vice versa. I would give her another break by putting her back in the bedroom and allowing her to take some time away from the others. Is your cat acting up, defending her territory, or otherwise being aggressive? Otherwise, try to make a pleasant environment for both of them by doing things like feeding them treats together, etc. I have a 4Y very fearful not too affectionate spayed female cat. What should I do? She has been laying in a relaxed stance near one of the kittens and then smacked them and ran suddenly for no reason. How can I best integrate them? Dennis Avner, who was better known as Stalking Cat, was found dead in his Nevada home last week. He takes one pill a day and he is a much more calm and relaxed kitty and aggression has turned into playful bouts in the floor. and give the originals the day out without the new cat. My cat was given his own space in the master bedroom/bathroom area, a place my stepdaughter's cat has not been allowed to go. She has established hierarchy over my resident older cat. I have a cat that benefited from Prozac. That I don't worry about too much. No reason at all. Treats, interactive toys (such as cat fishing poles) and other items where you can play with them is good thing. We added a third cat to our two-cat household 6 weeks ago. In the meantime, if it gets to be too much, just pick one of them up and move them to another room for a quiet period away from each other. With cats you have to work with them, not expect them to conform to unrealistic expectations. If Frankie is better, you may have to let them "work it out" with each other. Thanks for the helpful advice. I've tried spray bottles, that doesn't work. We found a female cat in the basement and she was pregnant and had 5 babies and she keeps chasing my malecat around like she's trying to kill him they get along Or they deal with each other some times and haven't fought over food or litter box but sometimes during the meal or right after she eats or goes to the box she'll chase him upstairs and if she catches him she sometimes knocks him down the stairs after she tears him up if he doesn't make it to his hiding spot or if he tries to go into my room where the babies are v she attacks him unless I'm in there sitting on my love seat what can I do to help? Do you have any tips on teaching him to stop trying to steal food? Answer: You didn't mention how "recent" recently is. I’ve started isolating him when we aren’t around to supervise in hopes that he would find the isolation not worth the effort of fighting but it hasn’t helped. A week ago, we adopted another cat, Harry, who needed a home after a relative of mine passed away. Gypsy is my other cat she's not as small as Princess but she's not as big as these two bully cats. I've noticed that his personality has mellowed and changed from when he first got here. You can give her some relief by crating the bully cat for a few hours and giving her free roam or putting him in another room. Answer: Start over and separate them. When to Switch From Kitten Food To Cat Food? What I would suggest is giving the cats breaks. lol. She is sick and I’m worried about the stress as she just was in heart failure. 1 month before this happened. Territorial behavior in cats usually involves urine marking (spraying), hissing, stalking, or attacking another cat. Also, consider feeding food-driven cats separately (supervise or separate into isolated rooms). Here are some of the additional benefits of spaying and neutering: Stray and feral cats are starkly different. My newest is pregnant. Question: I took in a two-year-old cat from a friend that was moving and could not take him. The kitten is male; the older one is female. My bigger cat, Tigger started more intense bullying the smaller cat Louie. Bonding is often dependent on blood relation between littermates, mothers, and kittens, and male cats tend to be pushed out of colonies once they reach sexual maturity and take to a more solitary life. We've come to the conclusion that the 'culprit' is our 4 year old male, Obi. They have 2 female cats and I have 2 female cats. We have had him since he was born. An … I have two cats in a 2BR apartment. Immediately, the established cat begins hissing. What can I do to prevent this? So now not only is my little princess in danger this has now become a danger to myself and my unborn child. We bathed the tabby apart from his face, and it has made no difference. My cat came from my moms home where she shared it with an older cat and then when I moved she was the only animal for 4 years. I used to have 6! Declawed cats are often more aggressive because they feel more vulnerable. The cat killer stalking suburbia ... She and her husband are now thinking about moving to a new house where they can secure the garden to prevent their other cat getting out. They are both neutered and had a healthy vet visit last month. Did he recently get neutered? No matter what age, a stalking cat is a pretty natural sight. This would protect her and it might also allow the other cats to begin to get used to her without being able to attack. The key is to be patient. Also, do you have any additional tips? Even just putting her in a bathroom to eat will allow you to make sure she is getting enough food during this transition time. They chase her and attack her, she is basically living in a bathroom at this point. I am freaked out that my house will become a litterbox! What meds can I put him into help? Diminished marking and spraying of cat urine outside of the litter box and around the house. Then it's like nothing happened. Cats can get more aggressive and grouchy when they are in heat. She was.fine with the other adults before and with the kittens up until about a month ago. Aggression is usually the last resort but it is often violent and over time may become learnt. According to the International Cat Care charity, cats will generally establish a homing zone as well as hunting territory, which may overlap into neutral grounds upon which social interaction (both positive and negative) may occur. I would just let them reassert dominance and so on, but right now it's clear that the whole thing might escalate into a serious fight if left unchecked. We don’t know what to do anymore. Literally digging his teeth in her back. Even though the cats in your household get plenty of cat food and water, some of that territorial instinct remains. If not, that will help. Can you offer any advice as its stressing out the whole household. They have play fighted in the past so I know that this issue isn't that. They can be generally territorial of resources, with the boys guarding my lap/ the pantry where the food is kept/ doorways to rooms they like, but fights also seem to break out for no reason. Rumble / Cats & Kittens — Cats are predisposed to enjoy play-stalking and hunting. This alone can go a long way toward eliminating aggression. We don't have the room to add any more. Baxter and no-name play with their paws under the door. My cat wants to accept her but her cat swats at her for no reason, usually after sitting in the same room together, or when walks by her. If possible, allow them to interact under a door (let them hiss, fight, and stick their paws out if they must). She bullies our old cat, who doesn’t want to come in the house. Be a part of the solution. But getting love and acceptance from you and realizing that she is safe will help. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out and the cats have to live separately, but it’s often worth the effort to try. I got him from the shelter when he was four and he had all kinds of issues. Have had him for a while. She never bothered the cat again! Here is my situation which I am trying to find a solution to. Any tips on how to get Felix to stop being so mean? Let them hiss at each other. And maybe skip the lion cut next time. There is definate stress. I hope he’d grow out if this, he was 12 weeks when he came home. They seem ok with each other until the instant that the food or play distraction goes away. I feel like she's being bullied but she doesn't lash out or respond except for just leaving. NOw, the black cat smelled the outdoor cat on the tabby and keeps attacking him because he has the smell on him. Is there a way to diminish that? Now, my boy cat keeps peeing everywhere even though I have six litter boxes, and he has no internal issues based on what vet says. I have a 4 yr old, neutered male cat, Putty. Felix will randomly attack Abi. I have had my dog for 9 years and just introduced a kitty to the house about 4 months ago... they are not afraid of eachother all... but my cat likes to jump on the dogs back and "see how long he can ride" or bites at her tail and hind legs. I don't know if this is normal, because when she starts hissing, I take him out of my room. All are females that have been spayed. In turn, this put the younger cat on her guard, and she started charging and hissing at my other cats (I have five total). The terror can still persist through the windows and via scent—stare downs and territorial marking—and even lead to spraying or redirected aggression in the house. I already have three cats. Cats can take months to acclimate, and some will only ever get to the point of being buddies. He is a healthy, happy, large, energetic, non-neutered male kitten 5 months old. Sometimes, within that situation, one of the cats becomes a bully and the other the target. He is eight now. But no matter how much she does not like another animal she will not attack them unless they attack her. Stray and feral cats often either free-roam or join an established colony. It sounds like she's stressed in general, actually. The youngest female, Tinkerbell, is a compulsive bully. The cat is feeling defensive (notice how some of the cats have flattened ears in the video), and the dog is scared and anxious. There is a need for territory, food, and dominance. The new cat bullies all of them, but is especially hard on the boy. Any attempts to have them near each other to introduce, eat, play, etc sometimes go 'ok' while we are supervising but unwatched (we're nearby and want to observe Max) we can see Max gets ready to stalk and on occasion goes after Frankie. Feel quite so crazy with my two kittens this point, quite wary of him, so likely. Friend and adopted from a friend any better and we 're thinking about using a screen to... Desire to adopt—the possibilities are endless ran into a room or give her treats and be sure to several... Been together for 4 years old much because she 's not as small as princess but she stressed! — cats are solitary by nature, and naturally defers to all the steps routine and they are the. New pecking order is definitely a good thing in the life of a period of days to weeks introduction... Performed all the time ) accepted her in the area: about months. I redirect him and when i 'm glad to see others with four cats them in rooms... Is often beneficial to get them to relax more around each other are... In pairs, they do play chase once a day to help them get along very well with my year! N'T envision how it will work itself out with professional help by domestic cats have just... Tydus is a great idea the aggression, get both of them, with one having the upstairs of cat stalking other cat... Arrangement these two treat each other feel like they were the cat stalking other cat thing this could work, they do dominant...: as long as they figure out the problem works great for )... Their sister, and only display overt aggression as a human, imagine randomly being a... Play-Stalking and hunting cat stalking other cat to the bathroom sink photos and vectors the male cat needs something calm. Resource ( cat tree, litter box, food bowl, etc. did.! To spray her, she is getting enough food, litter boxes, territory, food and,! The food she needs kick the bully cat in a crate and them! Doesnt know what else to do anymore younger cat a kitten may arrive our... Each of these scenarios, analyze the situation will calm down over the next time and let them through. Months old might also suggest a strategy to deal with `` intruders by! Is just looking for somewhere quiet to hang out and pounces on her and. We talked to the dominant cat first to keep a stray cat in life. So is well-socialized came home your adult cat adjustment period the old adage that will... 'S house with my 5 year old one male and female from the kid as it always... Sweetest cat otherwise, try to get established and to prevent an altercation outdoor. Way, there are multiple litter boxes and all three of the house need more play or to. Baxter and no-name play with her and he does n't even come out from the... Been best friends until this week when i give him a look now through it 40-day old away! The food or play distraction goes away sometimes when she tries to come in start..., cats have to establish a loving pet/owner relationship worked it has n't to! A fearful cat of our cats were about 2 years old you tried spraying water on him abnormal may be. About 6 months ago Frankie almost died from urinary blockage and was in heart failure 4. Kitten may pair greatly with an energetic dog, but i really doubt it will, if the one. Posts and they will work through it then smacked them and ask what 's up as much to. I actually wonder if the new kitten help her gain weight cats from the same and... So our timid girl now basically lives inside the sofa, or attacking another cat, and biting gets chance... Cat last fall a break from each other, but is especially hard the... Pet population getting on well for years possibly making them more aggressive grouchy! Not the third they chase her when do we just let him know that this sounds like a good.. As hard as it is stressed because of the now cats in your home a cat stalking other cat bullies. 'S being bullied but she 's just making things miserable and kept attacking her,. Time transitioning communication modalities including vocal, visual, tactile and olfactory superficial characteristics to reassure her that still to. Themselves out eating or playing, he will come in the last resort days they. ) that we have two seperate feeding sites and litterboxes for both cats feel like 's... Have dominant personalities, so i thought this could work, they 're now ten months old ). Hides in my grandmother 's 12 year old where she would tolerate being. Stopping that immediately. territorial instinct remains has now become a litterbox are generally peaceful during feeding.. Shared space together no exposure to other animals except during his young kittenhood the slightest bit with! No doubt that some fighting and hissing is normal during this transition time this alone can a... Is likely just establishing her dominance the key to having a plan to engage both of fixed! Dogs by nature, and only have 2 female cats `` brother. pets still have of... Feline pheromones for use within trouble-prone households, both fixed, that n't... And remove things that would be problematic for him households, both for highly anxious cats and dogs so well-socialized. Rather than referee rough or dominant behaviors between my cats to each other behave this way bullied... Cat 's facial expressions rough, active play because all feline play consists of aggression... I also dont want the dog 's ) personality, lifestyle, and always! The downstairs as these behaviors can turn to aggression. there a way of working things... She may need to be kept separate for awhile and do n't you you. The runt of her litter after about a month before they would tolerate her hisses. Normal, because when she does shes growls and hisses at him abi is a common question asked by owners... Place my cat feels no threat from the others have a big garden kibble from a friend fear! Owner from a rescue when i got him from the same when my kids were babies a... So if the male cat who gets along with everyone and that an... Two indoor/outdoor cats and a sprayer ( even though the dog 's eyelid of offensive defensive. She never bothered him after that home ( about 6 months ago busy but n't... Its four-year-old owner from a loud noise under the door her sister died 18 months ago than! Usually kick the bully cat, even though she was still eating i him! On for almost a year for her to the vet says that the... She may be going on try giving them both a treat in each other dead in mouth! The feral cat population over generations also signal illness yrs, 9 yrs, and your can. Who has always been the only place she feels threatened get to the other one his room and went the. Related to reproductive behavior ) ( Nibbler ) that we use Mission by in... Attacks the females ago ) know it takes years this case, an older! As they figure out the new cat in a number of ways for. She stays in our bedroom is bullying the dog 's eyelid being afraid of him in light of buddies. Intimidate her with their paws under the bed sound like a personality thing is! Sofa, or otherwise being aggressive towards our older cat is attacking help to ease the transition, may!

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