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It is a very bright translucent green. Kelp is generally the best option, but other types of seaweed work great as well. Quite a lot, as our Japanese-language reporter learned. Nelson says she gets more phone calls every year about seaweed being dumped in big amounts on beaches. • You can recreationally harvest seaweeds throughout most of New Zealand (just check that you are not in a marine reserve). Seaweed is often found scattered on the beach from the water’s edge to the highest point of recent high tides. Composting Seaweed into Tea for Plants Oceangreen Organics produces a range of seaweed-based We're preparing to release a seaweed-based skincare product range and New Zealand … "We have to be mindful of the delicate eco-system there." It's a pretty difficult problem for council to try and wrestle with. Use a sharp spade or lay the kelp out on the lawn and run over it with the lawn mower. "In the past contractors have come in with trucks ... but it costs $30,000 a time just to clean Takapuna .. it's a lot of money.". Under the NZ Fisheries Act members of the public are entitled to collect as much beach-cast seaweed as they want for domestic use – ie. Applications may exist for use in cardiovascular conditions due to potential cholesterol reduction and appetite suppression. Cenotes will be clear as usual, and some of them have chairs and such. Be particularly restrained with laver, as it is possible to strip a beach of this seaweed … These heaps of frequently wash ashore to Chesterman and MacKenzie beaches September through November. The Council is happy for people to do so, as long as it's just seaweed they're taking. Alginates extracted from seaweed have been used in wound dressings. "My temptation would be to leave it there," she says. It also has fewer bugs than the seaweed high up on the beach, and is a little more pleasant to gather. In the 2001–2 fishing year, 250 tonnes of seaweed was harvested and transported to mussel farms in the Marlborough Sounds, where it was transferred to cultivation ropes. Alginates have applications in the paper and textile industries for coatings and dyeing. All non-text content is subject to specific conditions. It can occur in dense stands with maximum biomass occurring in winter. Today most of the seaweed is collected from south Wairarapa and then sent to Ōpōtiki where the agar is extracted. Maggy Wassilieff, 'Seaweed - Modern uses and future prospects', Te Ara - the Encyclopedia of New Zealand, http://www.TeAra.govt.nz/en/seaweed/page-5 (accessed 4 December 2020), Story by Maggy Wassilieff, published 12 Jun 2006. Alginates are used to make water-based products creamier, and are added to ice cream and other dairy products to stop ice crystals from forming. It grows quickly along the Pacific Coast from California to Alaska between March and September. Death of popular teacher who drowned on annual rafting trip was preventable, coroner finds, Quiz: Morning trivia challenge: December 4, 2020, Another crate day, another nightmare for New Zealand's emergency departments, Social harm cost of crime at small central Wellington park reaches almost $15m over seven years, Four dead after explosion at UK wastewater plant, Super Aotearoa: New Zealand Rugby miss a trick as Māori players suffer, The outdoor sportsmen who say they removed the US monolith: 'If you think we're proud, we're not', Super Rugby: The 10 unluckiest players to miss out on contracts. "There are always people moaning and whinging about seaweed and the sand hoppers that live in it," he says. You can soak the seeds in a diluted seaweed solution for better germination. Two other important seaweed products are carrageenans and alginates. "Having said that, there's a really big problem (with seaweed) at the moment at several North Island locations. McCormack confirms that, depending on the volume needed to be moved, $30,000 to $50,000 is an accurate estimate of the cost. Takapuna's showcase - and usually pristine - beach got a massive dumping of seaweed last week during a strong easterly swell, leaving the shoreline a lumpy, sand hopper-ridden, rotting mess. Professor Wendy Nelson, an expert with the University of Auckland's School of Biological Sciences who also works for NIWA, co-authored a paper on the issue of nuisance blooms of macroalgae called in part "when seaweeds go bad". Bonham says eventually a front loader will be brought down to shift it, but by then it will be stinking and covered in flies. Be sure to check with your council or local government first for in some areas it is illegal to take seaweed off the beach. Mataitai and taiapure Maori reserves as well, there are restrictions on seaweeds. Resident Geoff Bonham says the seaweed is a "jolly nuisance". "A lot of people accept that there is seaweed on the beach because it is a beach ... it's not like overflowing rubbish bins.". Add it once a week to the water for stronger, healthier and faster-growing seedlings. Clinical trials are generally lacking to support definitive therapeutic recommendations for seaweeds. She found vast quantities of Pterocladia lucida on the east coast of the North Island, and arranged for local children to collect and dry the seaweed. 2 (And I feel your pain, I'm going down next week!) The seaweed dump was so vast that some entrances to Takapuna Beach were blocked. "In those cases getting it up on land would be a good idea.". "Beach-cast seaweed is a natural occurrence, and [it] is a hand-harvested industry. Our Agar is sustainably sourced by New Zealand Seaweeds Ltd controlling the process from the collection of Pterocladia seaweed from the pristine New Zealand Coastlines to manufacturing customised Agar to suit our customers requirements. The algae and kelp which can litter sandy beaches after a high tide can be a nuisance to beach-goers or workers as the common name “seaweed” implies. Using a cold ice chest for transportation is best, if the seaweed gets too hot for a long period of time it will start to break down and get mucilaginous and slimy. Wood's feedback from residents is split between people who believe this is all a first world problem, about a natural phenomenon; and angry North Shore residents who've seen their rates rocket since the Super City was formed, and who say their area is getting less attention than it did before the amalgamation. After you have big bags of delicious seaweeds like: kelp, wakami, cystoseira, turkish towel, dulse, nori, bladder wrack, kombu or Irish moss then you can transport it home to be dried. Beach cast seaweed can be a free and valuable food, if you can get it fresh enough. Sorry! In 1941 a young botanist, Lucy Moore, was directed by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research to search for agar-producing seaweeds. Polo hits Auckland beach for first time ever, Dog owners hold fiery public meeting at Takapuna Beach over dog rights, paper on the issue of nuisance blooms of macroalgae, Elizabeth Zhong homicide: Body lay in boot for hours after police found car. With its long coastline and abundant seaweed resources, New Zealand has the potential for a thriving seaweed industry. In dentistry, impressions of teeth are usually made on an alginate base. He points out you could carry out an operation one day and the next week a similar amount could be washed up and it would have to be done all over again. Take a little here and there, and remove just a part of each specimen, carefully, with scissors. Seaweeds and shellfish farms Washed-up seaweed that is covered in tiny young mussels (mussel spat) is collected from Ninety Mile Beach in Northland and sent to mussel farms. "One problem with large equipment such as front end loaders is that you run the risk of damaging life on the beach," says Nelson. Gathering shellfish or seaweed in the closed area is an offence and you could be fined up to $100,000. Agar was needed as a culture medium for growing bacteria and other micro-organisms, and also as a jelly for preserving the canned meat sent to soldiers overseas. Bobcats would have to be used and they lift the sand with the seaweed. No. Like agar, these are jelly-forming chemicals. "Salt wouldn't be a problem and it would be great fertiliser," says Nelson. But this time it's come in on a pretty big swell and left it high and dry. "Wait till it gets washed off Takapuna and blown onto Mission Bay Beach and it will be cleaned up in a flash," said one resident - who struck a nerve, as the eastern beaches do have a beach cleaning machine. kids take sand and sea shells home all the time .... it is not an enforced law. And given that this is the only way we can legally get hold of local seaweed without a permit, we will find a way. Washed-up seaweed that is covered in tiny young mussels (mussel spat) is collected from Ninety Mile Beach in Northland and sent to mussel farms. Getting rid of it ain't easy. It's an endless job and it's unpredictable as to when it comes in. For now, it might be best to avoid the Gulf Coast and some areas on the Atlantic Coast of Florida and Mexico. Seaweed is an excellent source of soil nutrients. She says it's not reasonable to compare Takapuna to beaches that are groomed in places such as Europe - "their tourism capacity is massive and they don't groom it just to make it look nice, they groom it to make it safe - to pick up the likes of glass," she says. It contains nitrogen, phosphorus, … 2 Share this post. However, the labour-intensive nature of harvesting and aquaculture has prevented the country from competing against bigger producers in Asia. Where are they found? Liquid seaweed extract is of great benefit for potted plants and everything else that needs a quick boost of organic nutrients. “It might look like nothing more than dead and rotting seaweed, but the strandline is an important food source and habitat for much of our coastal wildlife,” says Lissa Batey, a marine policy expert at England-based NGO the Wildlife Trusts. Carrageenans are useful thickeners, used in the food industry in syrups, custards, chocolates and yogurts. Some vocal residents want it gone; moved as it has been in previous years by the Council. Just not the beach, unfortunately. First thing to say is that eating mussels - or any shellfish - collected by hand from a beach carries some potential health risks, especially if a sewage outlet is located nearby. The seaweed has also landed along other East Coast Bays beaches, but Takapuna is the focus of the angst. The seaweed ‘mid-beach’ is drier than seaweed at the tide line and therefore lighter to carry.

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