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Kelly , thanks for such a well-written, well-thought-out article. Woollen yarn just loves to grab onto itself – the surface is scaly and these scales want to be joined as one! Historically, weaving yarns were often, but not always, made from longer, sleek, strong fibers, prepared and spun worsted (see woolen vs. worsted below), and had a firm ply twist. We knew the non-superwash wool would felt: it’s supposed to. This may be a poor example on my part though, because as far as I know, the sizing can be removed when you wash the fabric or clothing prior to use. This is my take on what weavers need to know about wool yarn. In this article, I’m going to attempt to outline what superwash woollen yarn is in a factual manner. Required fields are marked *. Caracol is kett... more... Cascade 220 Superwash Wool Yarn 65% Mulberry silk, 35% baby camel 16/2 Nm. Most superwash wool is made in two ways (or a combination of the two). Hi Kelly Private Chat Group, My Evolved Thinking On How To Fix a Broken Warp End. Different fibers call for different treatments. Welcome! Short fibers, such as cashmere, need a more twist than long fibers, such as mohair. Superwash is really popular among dyers because it takes dye so well. It's also sometimes referred to as washable wool. The superwash process generally leaves a yarn with a soft, smooth feel. I'm a beginner, so working with wool which has some 'give' was a relief. Lovely article, attention though that polymers are NOT plastic. Kettle dyed. Worsted techniques don’t allow the twist to enter the yarn until it has been fully attenuated. I used some superwash by mistake in one of my first weaving projects, and was disappointed with the outcome – I used too loose a sett, and being superwash it didn’t bloom :(. Thank you, Liz, for your helpful guidance on selecting yarns that are suitable for various projects. Looking at the fringe – it looks like 1 wool yarn/1 ‘slubby’ cotton all the way across. This is accentuated in the washing process. Sock yarn makers often blend superwash with a bit of nylon to add even more toughness. Have questions? Twist is the glue that holds fibers together. Feel free to post a comment and we’ll chat. Many woollen yarns are processed off shore for superwash processing. Actually, I would like to ask my woollen mill if there is any difference in biodegradability between superwash and non superwash. And that means that the yarn is treated. I have talked quite a bit about yarns in weaving recently, but now I would like to get a little more into the specifics of individual yarns. The superwash treatment makes the wool easier to wash, and it also keeps the yarn from expanding or blooming as much as it would in its natural state when wet finished. It’s great for all ages, and comes in a wide array of colors. And simple to do on my Sampleit RH loom.!! Yarns that are worsted spun, tightly plied, and smooth are traditionally thought of as good weaving yarns. I have used super wash wool one time to make a grandson a hood. It is then wet finished and tumble dried on high for 50 minutes. Consider line drying your superwash wool crochet items. that will take your through an explanation of what all those numbers on your weaving yarn cone mean and various measuring systems that are industry standards. They are traditionally made from carded fiber that is of varying lengths and jumbled together. Learn to weave online with my weaving classes for all levels! It can also be referred to as 'washable wool'. I had the supreme pleasure of acting as her producer for this class. The Weaver’s Toolkit is an e-booklet that provides you with yarn conversion charts, recommended heddle sizes and a bunch of other quick reference information. Silk mulberry in combination with baby camel is an extremely luxurious yarn. I have been stuck in the ‘rabbit hole’ of research quite a few times, it can be quite overwhelming. It is Navy Blue with approximately 1 pound of yarn on each cone, about 350 yards per pound, so is a Bulky weight. But yes, this again. This isn’t the case, it just breaks a lot of the rules and acts differently from other wools in the final fabric. Virtually any yarn can be used for weft, however, you still may want to consider how well it will wear over time and under the rigors of its intended use. Thank you. Yarns are spun with varying degrees of twist to get different results. They are much smaller and the textures of the different stitch patterns are hardly recognizable. Shop. Cascade Eco made from pooled wool which is comprised of cross breeds that share the same characteristics. Which polymers are used and treatment made will depend on the country/area it’s produced on. It is approximately 1700 yards per pound so is a Fingering weight. This is partly due to the demand from their customers and friends. The other is fuzzy and less defined. You’re welcome Martha, thank you for reading! It's also great for baby and children projects. I’m glad I’ve saved all of the labels from my yarn purchases. Then there are the chemicals themselves. Very interesting Christine, thank you for sharing your experience 😊. Woolen spinning techniques, allow the twist to enter the drafting zone—the area of the fiber that is being drawn out. Thank you very much for another informative article. I am fortunate to have a stash of wool in many forms to last me a life time. Kind regards. They have traditionally been thought of as good weaving yarns. Soft, luxurious, and warm, our Superwash Merino is also washing-machine safe. The size of the yarn changes dramatically, so if you don’t sett and beat the yarn right, you will end up with a stiffer fabric than you intended. There are a few main issues that some people have with superwash wool. If you’re in the beginner phase, and your head is swimming with confusion in regards to yarn choices, I have some helpful and free resources for you. I never thought of all the other side effects of superwash, and I’m ashamed because I consider myself very environmentally aware. I had absolutely no idea yarn could be controversial. So the distinction between knitting and weaving yarns for the handcraft market has all but disappeared. Another treatment follows which smooths the scales by means of various methods, in particular a polymer bath. As knitting became more popular and consumer demand changed, many manufacturers that catered to the makers market changed their formulas, softening the yarn by decreasing the oil left in the yarns, lessening the singles and ply twist, and using more and more superfine wools. The "Superwash" treatment is not trivial. Thank you for keeping this a happy and informative space 😊, Filed Under: Weaving, Yarn Tagged With: superwash yarn, yarn, yarn choices. Polski English Currency € Euro; zł Polish Zloty $ Dolar amerykański; Search. You aren’t likely to see this information on the yarn ball, so what I look for is the yarn fuzzy or smooth, more on that in a bit. Let’s take a close look at two poppular wool yarns, Brooklyn Tweed’s Arbor (left) and Cascade’s Ecological Wool (right). In this article, I’m going to attempt to outline what superwash woollen yarn is in a factual manner. Anti-Tickle & Machine Washable, 100% Pure new wool, made from a blend of merino fibres (between 27 & 23 Micron). Phew, that is a lot of information to take in. Convenience does not come without its costs… The good news is, many hand … Very informative article, thank you for this information. 75% Superwash Wool & 25% Nylon - 420 metres per 100g ball. When I realized I had excess dye, I threw in a small skein of two-ply wool yarn from a yarn swap to mop it up. I mainly use cotton, which has it’s own problems but don’t get me started, and have not yet used superwash wool, or given it much thought for that matter. Thank you Kelly, another very useful piece of knowledge to file away for future reference. You can sett a sleek yarn closer than you can fuzzy. Many other brilliantly talented folks have written on this subject. Thank you for your articles and tutorials x. Discounts • Insider News I have tried to only include facts without opinions. The superwash process removes these outer scales of the yarn with chemicals. Very much appreciate you spending the time to keep us informed. The trick is you just have to train yourself to see. This is the type of character the yarn will impart to your project. Cotton Fine is the fingering weight edition – and is available on cones, especially handy for floor loom weaving projects. I’ve been weaving with sock yarn on my RHL and I need to be careful not to beat it too hard. Alright, let’s have this superwash discussion. It isn’t as straightforward a telling as it was with cotton and I’m warning you right now it is a long one. I am ashamed to say that I never thought about the super wash process and the environmental effect. Most notably, Clara Parkes and Deborah Robson. This could be seen in the same light as many commercially available textiles in which “sizing” is used. This extra oil would also protect the yarn from the rigors of the loom. The perfect weight for baby items and women's garments, this versatile yarn comes in 26 colors. EU has very strict rules (especially in the treatment to the water after the process). https://www.chesterwool.com/about-our-yarns. Thanks for such an interesting article, I didn’t know about superwash before and I have certainly had my share of yarn disasters over the years. From previous writings, it may seem like I don’t like superwash. Hercosett is a polyamide-epichlorohydrin polymer and some argue that it is a highly dangerous substance, while other sources will state that the chemicals used to create the polymer are toxic, but this doesn’t mean that the end product (the polymer itself) going through the correct chemical process is not safe. An individual strand of fiber twisted together is called a single. So thanks again for taking the time to help us make an informed decision. I am blessed to have the opportunity to spend my days as a wife, mother, teacher and disciple. Take a look and see if the yarn begins to pill. I know that I’ve only covered the basics in this article, and given the differing information and opinions on the use of superwash wool, I’m going to provide a varied list of links from other people’s websites here in case you want to do some further research of your own: In Support of our Australian Wool Industry, Is Superwash Yarn Environmentally Sustainable. Superwash is really popular among dyers because it takes dye so well. That was very helpful for when I pick yarn for future RH weaving projects! 220 Superwash Sport is great for colorwork patterns in sweaters, hats and mittens. Spun from 100% high-quality Merino, this superwash yarn is smooth and luxurious—perfect for everything from sweaters for the whole family to accessories and afghans! I very much appreciate the time and research you have put into this piece. The yarn is treated so that the individual barbs in the wool fibers are smoothed leaving the fiber profile sleek, and keeping them from tangling with one another. ». I have read that super wash wool does not hold up as well as wool that has not been treated. Discover (and save!) The coarser the fiber, the stronger the poke. This is a soft thick and thin single ply, criss-crossed with a binder thread to create an almost handspun look. Biodegradable. Oh yes, yarn can be very controversial, more so in the knitting world than in weaving. These rules may not apply to the rigid heddle weaver since this loom doesn’t put as many demands on the yarn. In general, knitting yarns are more soft and stretchy, while weaving yarns are more durable and sturdy. It is, however also because the fibre absorbs water and dye much more quickly than wool in it’s natural state. My comment is very biased as I raised a small flock of sheep for over 25 years and I love wool! Cotton Fleece is the DK weight version of this yarn and is perfect for rigid heddle weaving. For the fascinating topic of breed-specific wools, check out Deborah Robson’s free Craftsy class Know Your Wool. Discover this addition to our special line of affordable, luxury fibers. The superwash treatment makes the wool easier to wash, and it also keeps the yarn from expanding or blooming as much as it would in its natural state when wet finished. To a yarn buyer, it describes the size of the yarn. The resulting yarn is smooth, dense, long wearing, and creates good stitch/pattern definition. It has some elasticity. Eco-Concerns About Superwash Wool. Jun 2, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Jocelyn Carlin. Makes me feel better about knowing why and when to use super-wash wool. But we didn’t expect how much the 2 Superwash wool yarns would. Woolen spun, tender, loosely plied, or softly spun yarns are often shunned. What types of yarn would you combine for a blanket like this? Order Vamsegarn Yarn . Jul 1, 2018 - Berlini Merino Velvet - Dk yarn - Superwash Merino Wool Berlini Merino Velvet DK is a great superwash merino wool yarn for almost everything. But for the best results you want to be using the right one! But I have no experience with that. There are many wonderful things about superwash merino wool but it wouldn’t be fair to tout its benefits without sharing its drawbacks. How does this mixture shrink evenly? Cloudborn Superwash Merino Bulky creates projects that work up fast with the bonus of easy-care convenience. There is a trade-off between these two extremes. Tynt & Tykt are supplied onn 100 gram cones. Many countries just don’t have the facilities for this type of processing. Thank you for instructing, inspiring, and guiding! When you purchase woollen (usually a knitting yarn), if you read the care label instructions, it will either say “hand wash” or “machine washable”. And of course, if you want to find even more information, then google is your friend. It also means that, under the right conditions, a finished woollen piece can be washed in a washing machine (always follow care instructions for temperature specifics and correct steps). #35 - Bulky 3 ply, 100% Superwash Wool yarn. Even though most are machine dry, they often last longer if they are dried on a line (or laid flat to dry). Thank you for all the informative instructions you share. I wash all my wool, fleeces, or skeins, in hot water. Have you ever wished for a wool yarn that didn’t pill as much? Oh, no, not this again. Small but Mighty. You want yarn that will be strong, but you may also want it to be pliable. I have also seen some insistence that this type of polymer is not a type of plastic. Superwash wool is a special wool product that has been treated or processed in a way that allows it to be machine washable. On the other hand, you can space woolen yarns out further apart and still have a fabric that holds together well because the yarns are fuzzy and reach across the isle to shake hands with their neighbors. Thank you Diana, I want to start by pointing out that I think it is very important for each weaver to decide whether they want to use a particular yarn or not, based on their own personal preferences. Some manufacturers would leave a bit of the spinning oil in the yarn that was used to protect the fibers during processing. Made using a coarse cotton warp and Lion brand fisherman's wool for the weft. For instance, if you are weaving on a dense warp where you have more warp ends than weft picks, fuzzy yarns have a tendency to stick keeping you from getting a clean shed. As long as the temperature of the water between washing and rinsing does not change drastically, and there is little movement of the fiber, it’s easy to wash. This gives the yarn a fuzzy appearance. The wool supplier I use Chester gets their SW treatment from UK or Europe (if you’d like to check their info https://www.chesterwool.com/about-our-yarns) Thanks for doing the research and sharing the information in such an easily digestible way! In general, using the simple pinch and pull test will allow you to determine if your yarn is strong enough for warp. This space between the fibers gives them better insulating qualities, which makes them popular for sweater knitters. If, for example, I mention potentially toxic waste water, I have no way of quantifying what level of toxicity or if the toxicity is actually present. It was nice weaving with wool. I much prefer using wool and giving washing instructions to the recipient. The type of fiber and what animal it comes from lends a lot of character to the final product. your own Pins on Pinterest Named after David and Goliath, David is a compact 8 harness loom loaded with functionality. On the left it is in its natural state, on the right it is under tension. The Gems Worsted (100% Merino Wool) didn’t It did upon first gentle washing! These singles can be used on their own or plied with other singles with varying degrees of twist for a variety of reasons—to impart strength, to make a thicker yarn, or to balance the yarn. Now I’ll be reading them with a different perspective. 💚. I don’t work in the industry, I don’t have inside information. Others will hold the view that the product is still very much wool, it just has an artificial coating that is not actual detectable. I agree with your comment, Karen. Some say superwash wool is biodegradable, others say it’s not. Thanks Liz! Sock yarn makers often blend superwash with a bit of nylon to add even more toughness. How is a knitter’s loom different to a rigid heddle loom? One is sleek, smooth, and visually has good definition. The country of choice in which to have yarn processed is often China as it is cheaper for businesses to send they yarn, have it processed, then have it sent back again. Because the scales are no longer present to interlock with one another, and the additional synthetic coating has been used, it becomes impossible for the yarn to felt in the washing process. Worsted yarns are traditionally spun from worsted preparations, where the fibers are aligned and of uniform length. That said, it did hold up well, but I did not enjoy working with it. Language. It consists of immersing the wool in successive baths containing mainly chlorine and caustic soda which together causes a chemical reaction subsequently involving an anti-chlorine treatment. I usually weave with cotton and linen which as no give at all. Why Louet Gems is a Great Choice for your 30 Day Sweater. This is what causes wool to felt. Cloudborn Superwash Merino DK is a luxurious, easy-care yarn spun from 100% superwash Merino wool for a smooth, soft feel you'll want to use in projects from accessories to blankets and sweaters. So thank you for the information and the links! It is nice and soft – no wool itchies at all. Here is an example of Universal yarn’s Deluxe DK Superwash wool yarn. I’ll be backstepping through your blogs to catch up. Right now I’m doing a striped warp/color gamp sort of thing as a stash user-up, and some of the yarns are superwash and some are not. Kettle dyed $15.40 Loading In stock. Part of this is due to the superwash treatment itself, and part of it is due to the fact that certain types of yarn construction lend themselves to superwash treatment. From a manufacturer’s standpoint, yarns made for weavers are different from those made for knitters. Thanks Kelly! It will not shrink or felt. Basket Weave Throw in Classic Superwash Wool $ 110.00 A prepacked kit for the “Basket Weave Throw”. I tend to use any yarn that takes my fancy and have had great success with Bendigo yarns. Your email address will not be published. Explains so much! Pilling is caused when individual fibers work their way loose from the yarn. Yes, it’s not as easy as throwing it in the washing machine, unless you want a felted product (which I have done), but it’s not hard to wash a wool garment by hand. I used it specifically because it would wash well and my daughter woukd not have to use “special washing techniques “. Your choice depends on your end use. Because superwash is popular for socks and other knitting yarns designed for baby items, they are often constructed to have a lot of elasticity. Your email address will not be published. Anyway, I had no idea Superwashed yarn was an issue, let alone, why! Feb 2, 2017 - Ambiente from Schoppel Wolle Content: 100% Merino superwash wool Yarn Category: Sport Weight/Yardage: 170 yds/ 50 g Gauge: 6.0-6.5 sts = 1 inch, US 2-4 Care: Machine wash This eye-catching fair isle stripe not only has a quality high-twist that resists pilling, but it is a 100% merino superwash that can be used fo… Worsted yarns are stronger and wear longer than woolen yarns and have less of a tendency to pill. If the yarn looks smooth and has a lot of bounce, those are the qualities will be imparted to your project—if and this is a big if—you sett it right. Cotton is a more uniform product with only a few varieties and it is typically prepared and spun in one way, whereas wool comes from a wide variety of sources and it can be prepared and spun in so many ways. Plastic is composed of polymers but polymers aren’t plastic 😉 Most knitters who are not allergic or sensitive to wool love using that natural fiber for warmth, springiness, and great wearing in … Malabrigo Yarn "Washted" Pocion, superwash merino wool yarn, worsted weight for knitting, crochet, weaving, crafts. So, what is all the controversy about? I also have a short class What Do All the Numbers Mean? Kelly, thank you! From accessories and kids items to blankets and quick knits, this is the perfect yarn! There’s a fact that I have to store in my brain! Sizing is used to make clothes or fabric hold their shape and look good prior to purchase. I have a huge passion for weaving and I want to share it with you! Welcome and thanks for stopping by to say such nice things. Zig Zag Sock Wool by King Cole. Superwash wool is still a popular choice for those who like to hand-dye yarns. Hifa 2, Superwash ahnd Bomullsgarn are supplied in 100 gram skeins. Then move on to the in depth Choosing and Using Yarns in Weaving. "Superwash" wool or not? Wool and wool blends. Let’s investigate the treatment process further and why the wool is treated in the first place. I too have been naive thinking the yarn had been previously washed without thinking there were chemicals involved. note: Sorry for the blurry images, it … Interestingly, they said that although they offer both treated and untreated yarns, due to customer demand, 80% of their yarns are superwash. We've got a few little looms here, so maybe it's time to try out weaving with a kit! We are sure you will love this light worsted/DK, 100% Superwash Wool yarn. Free shipping eligible Shop policies for JennessCreations Last updated on Jun 13, 2019 Returns & exchanges . This information has been collated from my own internet research. You can knit with a weaving yarn, and you can weave with a knitting yarn. It is a natural fiber that is easy-care meaning you can machine wash and dry it! My experience with wool, not treated for super wash, is it’s so very easy to wash, and dries fairly quickly. Weaving yarn containing superwash merino wool and Tencel®. 60% Superwash merino, 20% silk, 20% yak 16/2 Nm $13.95 We are thrilled to introduce weaving yarn containing merino wool, yak and mulberry silk. I guess this goes to show that we really should not just take things at face value, it is a good idea to find out the story behind the things we use, not just yarn, but all products. I contacted my local, much loved woollen mills (Bendigo Woollen Mills) where I buy a lot of knitting yarn to use in my weaving projects. I invite comments on this topic, but as it can be a sensitive one, I ask you to keep it a respectful and helpful discussion. Keep in mind that most of the yarn rules you may hear regarding looms apply to looms with shafts. Even so, it’s difficult to estimate the amount of dye needed for overdyeing. Caracol Yarn by Malabrigo description: Malabrigo Caracol is a uniquely textured super bulky superwash merino wool yarn. When the finished fabric is wet finished, the oil is washed away, allowing the yarn to bloom and soften. Woolen yarns have more loft and space between the fibers than worsted yarns. Some of the things I’m going to mention here are difficult to talk about with a lot of accuracy as it may not be measurable and also I only have access to information I can find on the internet. But not too much thank goodness! Thanks for this Kelly. 40 o C Machine Washable. Polymers is something with large molecules that repeat in structure. Weaving cotton Supima® 8/2 Ne, unbleached, unwaxed with stunning Silver Ingeo® addition. May 1, 2016 - This is woven with the indigo dyed Andes superwash wool. I’ve never used or purchased super wash wool, and I don’t plan to. It just goes to show, you don’t know what you don’t know 😄. … In addition to the quantity of water used, some consumers are concerned that the waste water leaving the yarn processing plants could be toxic. They were very helpful in explaining how their superwash yarns are treated and in pointing me towards further information to aid my own research. This is true to some extent for all yarns, but particularly for highly elastic yarns. Yarn Card Price:$4.00. If you wash a non superwash wool yarn in hot, soapy water and create some friction, you will end up with felted fabric. Eco-friendly. When under the tension of the loom this can cause the yarn size to be distorted or stretch to appear much finer than it is when it is not under tension. $2,282.72. it's time for our annual equipment sale! The first is to use a chlorinated acid bath that removes the 'scales' from the fiber. One way to test this is to take a length of yarn and rub it back and forth on the edge of a table. Thanks Kelly for the research and sharing the information. This is true of all yarns, not just superwash. This will give you an idea of how it will hold up. Aha. I prefer to use all natural fibers in both my knitting and my weaving, so again, thank you for the information. Or can I do a straight wool one and not end up with it being scratchy Liz, I only discovered your Yarnworker site and Ravelry Yarnworker Group most recently. Hillesvag yarns are available by special order. Price per Ball: $8.75. - Weaves and Threads Let's get things straight straight away, “Superwash” is indeed a term that comes from English, and it is also the term recommended by Termium - one of the references in terms of translation - in French; it corresponds to the trade name of the company IWS Nominee Co. Ltd, still according to the bank 50% Superwash Wool & 50% Nylon - 448 metres per 100g ball. If you don’t leave room for the yarn to rebound after it has been taken off the tension from the loom, the resulting fabric may be stiff. Put me right off. Superwash yarn is safe for the washing machine, but not necessarily for all of the chemicals found in regular laundry detergent. This involves the application of resins (these can come from various sources, including petroleum) to fabric or clothing prior to retailing. The superwash sock yarn once again sucked up a lot of dye. This is a soft thick and thin single ply, criss-crossed with a binder thread to create an almost handspun look. I enjoy the feel of spinning, knitting, crocheting or weaving with wool. The superwash process uses large amounts of water. When I talk about “wool”, I’m using the dictionary definition that includes “the soft, wavy, or curly, usually thick, undercoat of various hairy mammals and especially the sheep.” This information can be applied to a wide variety of protein fibers including angora, mohair, alpaca, yak, cashmere, etc. Looking forward to being able to weave along again I’ve really missed doing it ? Thank you for joining me today! The prickle factor is caused when the long, relatively large fibers work their way free of the yarn and give you a little poke. So did… Continue Reading Cotton Fleece and Cotton Fine With 80% cotton and 20% wool, these yarns are strong, durable, and low-maintenance to clean.

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